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Welcome to Admin Pro Tools, our focus is on providing useful applications and tools that can be easily added to any custom or existing application, currently we have available a comprehensive ColdFusion based Email List Manager, a growing list of ColdFusion based shipping XML tools (including DHL / Airborne, Fedex and USPS (United States Postal Service)). We developed from the ground up our own FTP Server based on ODBC technologies, windows server administrators will love the ease of use and flexibility of managing all user ftp settings in an ODBC database. We also have available a Custom tag to seamlessly process credit card and e Check transactions through the gateway. Take a look around we have live demos of most of our products you can take for a test drive.
Email List Manager 2.5
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Email List Manager 2.5.6 (Enterprise Version) Windows Server Compatible ColdFusion Server MX compatibleLinux compatible solution (running CFMX) ColdFusion Server 5 compatible
Feature rich email list management system (broadcast email web application) for ColdFusion Server