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Welcome to Admin Pro Tools, our focus is on providing useful applications and tools that can be easily added to any custom or existing application, currently we have available a comprehensive ColdFusion based Email List Manager, a growing list of ColdFusion based shipping XML tools (including DHL / Airborne, Fedex and USPS (United States Postal Service)). We developed from the ground up our own FTP Server based on ODBC technologies, windows server administrators will love the ease of use and flexibility of managing all user ftp settings in an ODBC database. We also have available a Custom tag to seamlessly process credit card and e Check transactions through the gateway. Take a look around we have live demos of most of our products you can take for a test drive.
Email List Manager 2.5
Popular Products

Email List Manager 2.5.6 (Enterprise Version) Windows Server Compatible ColdFusion Server MX compatibleLinux compatible solution (running CFMX) ColdFusion Server 5 compatible
Feature rich email list management system (broadcast email web application) for ColdFusion Server
XML Shipping Tool For USPS® V4.0 ColdFusion Server 6 (and above) Version (Standard Version) Windows Server Compatible ColdFusion Server MX compatibleLinux compatible solution (running CFMX)
Coldfusion custom tag handle all your United States Postal Service requests in real time from your own web site.
Web Service Shipping Tool For Fedex® ColdFusion Server 6 (and above) Version (CF Server 6,7,8,9,10) Windows Server Compatible ColdFusion Server MX compatibleLinux compatible solution (running CFMX)
Coldfusion custom tag handle all your Shipping Rate, Tracking, and Available Services requests using Fedex web service api.
New / Press Releases

E-Commerce Enterprise 2.1.0 beta

ODBC FTP Server version 1.5.1 full release

XML Shipping Tool For Fedex® (Premium Version) ColdFusion Server MX/6.1/7 Version- Updated

E-Commerce Enterprise 2.0.9 Public Release

Email List Manager Enterprise 2.5.6 available

Email List Manager 2.5
The most powerful and feature packed ColdFusion E-Mail List/Subscription List Manager available, yet one of the simplest to use and install!

Features include:
- Multiple Subscription Lists Management
- Personalization variables (e.g. Dear [First Name] [Last Name])
- Full management of attachments, unlimited number per message/campaign
- Administration Group based administration, with multiple administrators per group
- Import a web page directly into a new message with ONE click!
- Full click-through statistics for every link within an HTML based email! total click through count as well as drill down capability to subscriber email click count and date/time
- Sophisticated bounced message management (includes notification of a bounce due to exceeded storage limit) and EXCLUSIVE bounced message log
- Email based "unsubscribe" and "subscribe" capabilities - clients may simply unsubscribe to list by sending an email to list address with unsubscribe in the subject line!
- Import in ONE click a full list of email addresses (with automatic email validation and deletion of duplicates)
- Incorporates easy to use WYSIWYG real time HTML editing within Internet Explorer 5+ on Microsoft Windows client platform

And Much Much More ...

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File and Upload Manager 1.5
Admin Pro Tools - ASP Upload and File Manager WITH ActiveX Recursive Upload Control
Admin Pro Tools File and Upload Manager is a very easy to use DHTML/ASP based File Manager for IIS/ASP Windows Servers.
Provided is the full Upload Manager component (COM) that handles file uploads via the browser with real-time progress bar displaying the progress of the file upload. Multiple file uploads capable.
Now available with our exclusive ActiveX Control built in to our popular interface - no configuration needed the component is already integrated for you! The powerful ActiveX control allows you to select multiple files from 1 window to upload or recursively upload an entire folder!

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USPS® is a registered trademark of the United States Postal Service
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