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Admin Pro Tools ODBC Ftp Server
Admin Pro Tools ODBC FTP Server for Windows Servers
(fully tested on Windows 2000 Server / 2003 Server)
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Get it from CNET!
Administrators can now effortlessly control and manage their FTP Server entirely from the ODBC data source of choice!
A fully standards compliant FTP server that is a true NT Service that is super efficient and resource friendly
  ODBC FTP Server 1.5.1 (New Version!)  
  Feature Highlights  
Installs a a true NT Service, fully controllable via the Services Control Panel
32-bit multi-threaded true C++ Windows application
ALL settings stored in your choice of ODBC data sources (MS Access database provided, also sql scripts to create MS SQL Server and MySQL databases)
Full support for MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server database servers
Logging of ODBC and other possible application errors to Event Log
Live update to data source of user's currently logged into server
Full support of complete configuration by any server side scripting language with ODBC support (including ColdFusion, ASP, ASP.NET and others)
Coldfusion custom tag provided to all registered users to quickly control adding,updating,deleting users and more directly from your own ColdFusion template.
All User information stored in the database! (NO settings are stored in an INI file) you have full control of the server directly from the database.
Username, user home directory, user permissions, user encrypted password (and optional non-encrypted) password, user status and more all stored in a single table
Server preferences all stored in a separate table allowing full control of maximum number of concurrent connections, maximum number of logins by a user, connection timeout, greeting and goodbye messages and more.
Easy to use configuration module also included which installs as a native windows control panel (accessible from the Control Panels -> ODBC Ftp Server control panel)
Installer provided which handles installation of the application as a service, installation takes less then 30 sec's!
Extremely easy to use and configure no matter what your level of expertise with FTP Servers
Allow your customers via your own web file to update their own FTP account effortlessly, even add new accounts, remove existing accounts and more

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