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ColdFusion custom applications and custom tags - News Releases


E-Commerce Enterprise 2.1.0 beta

  • NEW FEATURE: Added payment gateway support PayPal Website Payments Pro (CFMX 7 Only)

  • UPS UPDATE: Added new support for automatic address classification (determines whether a delivery address is residential or commercial and provides rate appropriate for the address classification). Also added support for UPS negotiated (discount) rates for accounts that are eligible for UPS negotiated rates.

  • NEW FEATURE: Fully customizable email confirmation template system and new exclusive tag based layout/control of email confirmations.

  • SHIPPING UPDATE: Added support for State association as well as country association for all flat and matrix based shipping rates. You now have the ability to specify shipping rates specifically for a state or group of states as well as country.

  • NEW FEATURE: Manage testimonials with images directly in main administration.

  • NEW FEATURE: Country Of Origin administration and ability to assign country of origin to a product. Countries and Country of Origin list can now be managed as well as ability to assign an image for each Country of Origin.

  • NEW FEATURE: Recurring orders support

  • NEW FEATURE: Customer account administration now provides (administrator configurable) ability to view as well as update an existing order line item status as well as customer ability to modify their current billing or shipping address.

  • NEW FEATURE: Completely rewritten powerful Options management. Mast Option Groups can now be created and used as templates to apply to any number of products with the ability to then further modify the option group items, weight, sku and dollar amount per option item. New capability to specify the option display type allowing for creation of text field based options to allow for a customer to enter text for a specific option (e.g. Engraving).

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