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ColdFusion custom applications and custom tags - News Releases


E-Commerce Enterprise 2.0.9 Public Release

  • New integrated Payment Gateway Support Added: Echo

  • Added support for generation of google site map xml files (for products and master index map xml file)

  • Added support for adding a new customer directly in the administration

  • Added support for deleting a Customer Record (Existing orders are first checked before allowing deletion)

  • Added new feature: Category based discounts

  • Added new feature to apply an existing discount/s to a Category

  • Fix to correct inadvertent disabling of Real Time Checkout status during update of other payment gateway configurations

  • payment gateway to updated support Secure Source merchants

  • custom tag for improved compatibility and compliance with new security standards

  • Update to fix test scripts to work more reliably

  • Updated bundled WYSIWYG (FCK Editor) to version 2.3.1

  • Removed referral validation from email a friend link to provide better compatibility with ses generated pages

  • Fix issue where exception would be thrown when a vendor only contained 1 product and vendor listing was selected

  • Updated to include display of Category based discounts / display only unique discounts

  • Logging: Added additional error reporting info (SQL query error parameters)

  • Update Out Of Stock text to be dynamic and controlled from Store Advanced Settings

  • Update cart action script to strip all non-numeric characters from a passed qty field

  • Reports: Update report to more intuitively display results of a custom data range specified search

  • New report added to view Site Referrals (including search engine referrals)

  • New styles added to main admin stylesheet

  • New advanced administration settings to control Promo Code, Gift Certificate, Out of Stock Text display and Gift Certificate Terms

  • Checkout: Update to allow for dynamic display of promo and or gift certificate code fields

  • Update to disable html formatting of certain notices requiring text only content

  • New Order Entry Page to allow full real time entry of orders, full support of ajax based customer information and address lookups. Ajax based product details lookup, real time shipping and tax calculations.

  • Fix import script error when a secondary category column is specified

  • Administration / Product Update: Added additional error capture for weights and other required decimal only values

  • Fix issue when updating order contents/line items when a promo code is also present

  • MySQL Database fix, some tables were inadvertently not created during setup in some previous builds (MySQL users only)

  • Fix date update issue with MySQL 5 installations

  • Fix issue received when Adding or updating a product and no default download path is specified

  • Update Category Stub file generation to allow override of appending level number to stub file name

  • Added new Table referral_tracking to track all referrals received and specific details of the referral

  • Redesigned billing/payment screen to allow for easier navigation and additional Gift Wrap functionality

  • Fixed issue of not selecting correct shipping service when returning to billing page (after service selection)

  • Added deletion of associated digital file when deleting product

  • Add new configuration setting to control default state of display of gift wrap stage during checkout

  • Added support for display of secondary product name and product code in account order detail screen

  • Capture error where discounts may try to be validated for a vendor when a non-valid vendor id (or no vendor) is assigned to a product

  • Added option to display Refund/Returns Policy and a Customer Agreement on Order Confirmation Page

  • Resolve issue where an error may be thrown when using paypal as payment method

  • Update to display list of category associations - visually helpful for stores with large category list

  • CRITICAL FIX: Rare issue resolved whereby a customer creating a new account may receive the customer number of another customer

  • Add option to toggle Customer Review link on product detail page

  • Administration: Update Paging script to be more efficient, add capability to return to search results

  • Administration: Add additional capture for sku check for cases where duplicates are already present in database.

  • Fixed rare issue where an encapsulation character is present in merchant administration. Our system requires no character otherwise parsing of response will fail

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