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E-Commerce Enterprise 2.0.7 Public Release

New update of our powerful e-commerce application is now available.

2.0.7 Change Log

Version 2.0.7 – 11/11/2005

  • NEW import and export folders add to admin/data folder. Folders will serve current and future purposes.

  • NEW order_detail.cfm – added export capability to CSV for order including line items (2 separate CSV files are created)

  • NEW customer_list.cfm - added export capability to CSV for full customer list

  • FIXED  - main index.cfm and detail/index.cfm files were removed from main template erroneously, this has been corrected.

  • UPDATED order_list.cfm – now provides easy to use search form to search for orders based on common criteria such as order number, email address, first & last name.

  • UPDATED mainReport.cfm – added icons for printing invoice or packing slip from home page.

  • NEW order_detail.cfm – added new Tools menu with ability to delete an order.

  • UPDATED account/order-detail.cfm – updated tracking capabilities to handle real time Fedex tracking requests (requires that the Fedex tracking number is entered into the shipment information on the order detail screen)

  • FIXED _order_contents_update.cfm – updated sql statement for compatibility with MySQL.

  • NEW clean_basket.cfm – ability to view all items currently in the store Basket table (all items placed in a cart by a previous or current customer that have not been purchased/checked out). Also capability of cleaning/emptying this table which will purge all shopping cart items. This item is available in the Utilities menu section.

  • UPDATED navigation.cfm – updated menu to add new item in Utilities “Empty Store Basket”

Version 2.0.7b1 – 11/9/2005

  • UPDATED _category_actions.cfm – When adding a subcategory the name of the subcategory is checked to be unique. It is now allowable to have the same subcategory (child) name across parent categories, previously this was not possible.

  • UPDATED Taxes_List table – added new column taxes_shipping to allow for setting to enable/disable tax calculations on shipping charges.

  • NEW tax_list.cfm – added additional field “Also Tax Shipping Charges”

  • NEW _order_contents.cfm – added provision to calculate tax on shipping if applicable

  • NEW qry_taxes.cfm – added provision to calculate tax on shipping if applicable

  • UPDATED actBasket_Update.cfm – check was not previously made in the event that an accessory item was added to the cart that was previously already in the cart. The item qty is now correctly updated as opposed to adding a duplicate product to the cart.

  • UPDATED MySQL setup scripts – full support for MySQL 4.1 is now provided through setup pages

  • UPDATED multiple files in admin and main files for better MySQL support.

  • FIXED _category_actions.cfm  & category-edit.cfm files- when sorting subcategories focus is updated to the actual category sorted. This behavior has been updated so that focus stays on the parent category for which the user is sorting subcategories for.

  • UPDATED Shipping_Carriers table – with additional columns to enable initially support for storing new configuration option for Fedex shipping API “show book or discounted rates”

  • UPDATED adminpro_fedexxml.cfm – added additional error capture

  • UPDATED enc_fedex_rateshop.cfm – added support for display of Fedex discounted or book rates (configurable from updated Fedex administration page)

  • FIXED inc_carrier_selection.cfm -  when 1 or more non-UPS carrier module was configured for real time shipping rates no carrier would be selected as a default choice thus allowing the possibility of the user not selecting any shipper at all.

  • UPDATED/NEW fedex_setup.cfm – added support for new configuration option “Show book or discounted rates” also added ability to select the desired services that will be displayed to customer once rates are returned for review.

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