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E-Commerce Enterprise 2.0.6 Public Release

New update of our powerful e-commerce application is now available.

2.0.6 Change Log

Version 2.0.6 - 10/31/2005

  • FIXED billing.cfm – Credit Card number field would not accept value larger then 20 chars. This is not acceptable for entering PayPal email addresses or P/O numbers for example. Javascript was added to dynamically allow this maxlength value to be increased to 75 based on payment type selected.

  • FIXED adminpro_aptshipping.cfm – Handling Fee stored in Matrix based shipping was not be added to shipping calculation.

  • UPDATE inc_current_path.cfm  - Updated code to better handle more types of server configurations (e.g Apache installed on a Windows server)

  • UPDATE adminpro_uspsxml.cfm – Updated code in line with new USPS API updates including removal of password parameter requirement

  • UPDATE usps_setup.cfm – Updated code to use USPS new Test Server data as well as removal of password parameter in line with new requirements from USPS.

  • UPDATE setup files – Updated setup files to better handle more server configurations as well as minor bug fixes.

Version 2.0.6b1 - 10/14/2005

  • UPDATE Globals table – column GlobalPref4 now used to store version number
    - added additional email columns to better handle email confirmations.
    - email_from column added to hold “email from” address so that an alternate from address can be provided then store email if desired.

  • UPDATE global_settings.cfm with new field “email from” This will be required for sending all email form the application and provides a way for those that wish to use an alternate “from” email address on their server to that which is used as the main store email and the administrator or confirmation email address. All 3 of these noted email addresses mat of course be the same if desired.

  • FIXED Temp_Orders_Main table – updated with to correct erroneous columns provided in previous build

  • FIXED Temp_Orders_Main_Items table – updated with to correct erroneous columns provided in previous build

  • UPDATE Payment_Gateways_Other_Log table – updated (gateway_message (255), gateway_reference2 (50) columns were altered to accommodate larger data)

  • UPDATE Customer table – Added column LoginAttempts to store failed login attempts and provide increased security of personal information to assist with tighter security requests from American Express, MC & Visa. Customer is now locked out of their account after 3 failed login attempts and there password is reset. They will not be able to access their account or checkout until they reset their account. This may be perceived as an inconvenience but we felt a necessary step to assist you with the security of your customer’s information.

  • UPDATE Log_Errors table – updated columns app_section (255), log_message (255) to accommodate larger data

  • FIXED UPS_Online_Tools_Registrations table – Added missing Company column from previous build.

  • NEW Account section has been updated with new security mechanism to lock an account after 3 failed login attempts. Account must be reset to continue.

  • NEW Updated logging within account section to record all successful and failed login attempts. Also logging process of resetting a password. All customer log information is viewable in the admin by selecting the master record of the particular customer.

  • NEW Updated checkout sign in page to also record failed login attempts and lock an account after 3 failed login attempts. After 3 failed login attempts customer is sent to account page to reset their password as above.

  • FIXED Updated UPS rates page in checkout to reference encryption custom tag via cfmodule instead of custom tag methodology to avoid potential errors when this custom tag is not in CustomTags directory of server. Currently there should be no need to place any of the included custom tags in the server CustomTags directory as they are all referenced using cfmodule tag.

  • NEW Dreamweaver Templates. Updated all provided store files to now be template driven and 2 new Dreamweaver templates were created. Changing the look and feel of a new or existing installation is now much easier for Dreamweaver users. Existing global header, footer, side bar navigation and style sheets remain.
    - main_template.dwt.cfm (provides template for almost the entire site)
    - checkout_template.dwt.cfm (provides template for pages involved in the checkout process, this template has an altered footer to not include history information also has side bar removed to provide customer with less distraction during checkout process)

  • Checkout process has been updated with the following items
    - side bar of navigation is now removed to make the checkout process less cluttered and provide less options for the customer to leave the checkout process during the process
    - additionally in line with security measures added to the account section the checkout process will also lock a customer’s account if they have 3 failed login attempts. In addition the auto fill of a customer’s credit card number (with the last 4 digits of the card) has been removed in keeping with guidelines passed down by credit card authorities and compliance requirements.
    - contents of the customer’s cart are shown on each page of the checkout process including the shipping and billing pages.

  • UPDATED Print invoice option within the order detail screen in the administration has been updated to include additional information now including customer comments, item prices, extended totals, additional customer billing information.

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