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Email List Manager 2.5 beta

We are in final testing of our 2.5 update to our popular Email List manager application for ColdFusion®. This update has some fixes as well as exciting new features, some of the highlights will include

- Powerful new “groups” feature allows you to create sub groups or filtered lists within your current subscriber list for each list. For example you have 1000 subscribers to a particular list and you wish to send an email out to only those with an email address, no problem perform a simple search for this criteria within your list – save it as a new group with a descriptive name and now you have a “sub-group” if you will of your existing list that you can broadcast a message to. The possibilities are endless with this added capability; target your customer by region, city, state, zipcode, country. You can create as many groups as you wish and they are all ready accessible and updateable via a new administration screen

- Auto Response messages or Auto Responders can now be created and maintained right within the administration screen just as you would create a broadcast message. These messages can be activated to be sent when a new subscriber subscribes to your list

- All new broadcast message screen, this new screen allows you to access the power of sending your broadcasts to a specific group. You can now choose from 1 screen the group you wish to send your broadcast to (or still choose to send to all subscribers for this list as in the past), select the message you wish to send (a pop-up contains messages available for the current list) and then send the broadcast

- All new broadcast message progress bar! You can now see and monitor the real-time progress of your message broadcast as they are created on your server.

- In addition to this progress bar enhancement you can also choose to log each and every email address that a message was successfully created for. This is optional and can be activated in the new globals admin screen, this will log date and time and email address message was created and sent to. This can be useful in the event you have a server issue and were not sure how many of your list an email was actually created for and sent.

- Messages can now be sent on a schedule! This new feature allows you to interactively create/update and run a scheduled task on your CF Server to send a message one time or on a recurring schedule of your choosing. You can even create multiple schedules for the same message; the broadcast will be sent on your schedule and logged to the system for your review. You can set the start date and time, end date and time, interval, and the group to send your message to. This powerful new feature will be very useful to customers who wish to set up timed event based messages to be sent out such as reminders, renewal notices and other useful items that would benefit form being scheduled.

- Fix for pop mailbox scheduled task, it can now be activated and deactivated (removed) via admin screen

These are some of the highlights you will notice right away other features will be announced once application is distributed as a final version.

* All current 2.0 owners of 12 months or less will receive this as a FREE upgrade upon request

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