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Admin Pro Tools ODBC Ftp Server - final beta

We are pleased to announce that we have almost completed final beta testing of our powerful new FTP Server which will be available soon to all system administrators worldwide.

Our all new FTP Server will provide administration flexibility that administrators of Windows based servers will truly appreciate.

Admin Pro Tools ODBC Ftp Server is exactly what the title suggests, an extremely powerful multi-threaded C++ based FTP Server based on internet standards with the ultimate flexibility of all settings being stored in and ODBC datasource of your choosing!

Some of the feature highlights include:

- Storage of ALL settings and configuration in an ODBC datasource (we provide an Access database and scripts to setup an MSSQL and MySQL database). Not just a few user settings are stored in this database – all settings are including username, password, root directory, access permissions, max user connections, max timeout, max connections per IP and more
- All user passwords are stored in an MD5 based hash state so they are completely secure
- Full web based Server administration is provided for Cold Fusion server and can easily be extended by almost any other server side language!
- Included is a configuration module that runs as a Control Panel
- Installs as a true Windows NT Service with the ability to start, stop the service from the Windows Services MMC
- Web based admin pages provide the system administrator, group administrator and user level privileges for updating all aspects of the server and user accounts including retrieving/resetting user passwords and setting/updating user permissions
- Included is a Cold Fusion custom tag that allows the system administrator to effortlessly add a new FTP user to their FTP Server from any in house application such as a "user sign up for new account page"
- Web based admin page will show you who is logged into your FTP Server and how many times they are logged in from the same account
- Adheres to full internet ftp standards as per RFC 959
- Enjoy the power of configuring and managing all aspects of a high powered FTP Server from your favorite Database Server (no ini files in sight!)
- All this power at a very affordable introductory price (yet to be announced)
- All existing Admin Pro Tools customers will be notified of the final release ahead of public release and will enjoy bonus savings off of final price to show gratitude for their support of our products!

Further information and enquiries can be made at the following location

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