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What does "Immediate Download" mean?

When a product on our site has noted that its Shipping Information is “Immediate Download” this denotes that the product is available for immediate download from our site once you have successfully completed the order process and your payment has been verified.

The process is as follows:
1. Place the desired product or products into your cart
2. Complete the Checkout procedure by entering your shipping and valid billing information including your payment method (currently credit card or PayPal)
3. The final confirmation page will validate your payment information and charge your card or PayPal account in real time and reply with an order number and confirmation if your transaction was approved, if not you will need to update your billing information to attempt re-authorization of your payment.

The following payment methods will be verified and authorized in real time during checkout
- All Credit Card purchases (including Discover, Visa, MasterCard and American Express)
- PayPal instant payment methods which include funding your purchase with an instant transfer or via a credit card you have on file with PayPal. Payments made via a checking account (with PayPal) will NOT be authorized in real time as they take 4 –5 business days to fund so your order will not be available to download until the payment is received by us in the event you use this payment method, you can check back often to see your order status as your payment will be updated in real time with payment information received from PayPal.

4. Once your order is approved (most often in real time at step 3 above) you can immediately log into your account and access your authorized downloads which are available at any time for you to download or re-download if you lose the file. All files downloaded will be zipped (.zip) packages.

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