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ODBC FTP Server 1.5.1 (1 Server License)
Product Information
Version: 1.5.1
Vendor: Admin Pro Tools, LLC
Shipping Information: Immediate download

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Regular Price: $99.00
Our Price: $69.00
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Admin Pro Tools ODBC Ftp Server is exactly what the title suggests, an extremely powerful multi-threaded C++ based FTP Server based on internet standards with the ultimate flexibility of all settings being stored in and ODBC datasource of your choosing!

Some of the feature highlights include:

- Storage of ALL settings and configuration in an ODBC datasource (we provide an Access database and scripts to setup an MSSQL and MySQL database). Not just a few user settings are stored in this database – all settings are including username, password, root directory, access permissions, max user connections, max timeout, max connections per IP and more

- All user passwords are stored in an MD5 based hash state so they are completely secure

- Full web based Server administration is provided for Cold Fusion server and can easily be extended by almost any other server side language!

- Included is a configuration module that runs as a Control Panel

- Installs as a true Windows NT Service with the ability to start, stop the service from the Windows Services MMC

- Web based admin pages provide the system administrator, group administrator and user level privileges for updating all aspects of the server and user accounts including retrieving/resetting user passwords and setting/updating user permissions

- Included is a Cold Fusion custom tag that allows the system administrator to effortlessly add a new FTP user to their FTP Server from any in house application such as a "user sign up for new account page"

- Web based admin page will show you who is logged into your FTP Server and how many times they are logged in from the same account

- Adheres to full internet ftp standards as per RFC 959

- Enjoy the power of configuring and managing all aspects of a high powered FTP Server from your favorite Database Server (no ini files in sight!)

- All this power at a very affordable introductory price

Get it from CNET!
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ODBC FTP Server 1.5.1 (1 Server License)
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