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XML Shipping Tool For USPS® V4.0 / ColdFusion Server 6 (and above) Version (Standard Version)
Product Information
Version: 4.0
Vendor: Admin Pro Tools, LLC
Shipping Information: Immediate download

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Coldfusion custom tag handle all your United States Postal Service (STANDARD VERSION)

requests Including the following:
* Domestic shipping rates
* International shipping rates (from US origin address)
* Tracking Requests
* Tracking with full scan history query request
* Address Validation requests (validates a full address based on street, city and state)
* Address Validation requests (returns valid City/State combinations for a single zipcode or list of up to 5 zipcodes)

1 simple call with this tag provides you with a wealth of returned variables and queries to effortlessly use in your online applications

* ADDRESS VALIDATION WILL NOT WORK without special approval from USPS to access their Address Validation XML API. You must be able to assure them you will only be using this API for the express purpose of shipping packages (not letters) via the US Postal Service. It may not be used for any other purpose and you will not be granted permissions from them for any other purpose. Please be advised this is in accordance with the USPS licensing requirements and not a restriction imposed by our tool

Custom tag has a Debug mode that any request can be placed into to create the request XML file and dump output to screen without processing response

Also provides Test environment parameter where request can be passed to the USPS test API server for all test requests.

All available USPS response variables are available in easy to use variables or as columns within queries all explained in the documentation. Also provides comprehensive error capture and a global error variable for testing success of any request to the Custom Tag.

Demo the powerful features with a live working interface using our custom tag
System Requirements: Server: ColdFusion Server Version 6,7,8 OR 9 or above installed.
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XML Shipping Tool For USPS® V4.0
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