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E-Commerce Enterprise 2.1.0 / ColdFusion Server MX/6.1/7/8 Version
Product Information
Sku: ECOMM210
Version: 2.1017
Vendor: Admin Pro Tools, LLC
Shipping Information: Immediate download

Pricing / Purchase Information
Regular Price: $499.00
Our Price: $399.00
Your Savings: $100.00
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NEW build 2.1 beta available!

NEW: PayPal Website Payments Pro support (CFMX 7 and above Servers)
NEW: Completely rebuilt Options management including support for text based options
NEW: UPS Shipping update including very latest UPS OnLine® Tools API updates (auto classification of residential or commercial address and negotiated rates)
NEW: Support for recurring products
NEW: Separate add-on module available that supports fully integrated UPS Shipping and creation of live UPS shipping labels (NOTE: This module is not included by default and must be purchased separately)
NEW: Completely rewritten div/css based front end allowing for easier developer modifications.

Introducing E-Commerce Enterprise 2
Experience the power and feature set of an easy to use e-commerce package that will outperform many priced as much as 10 times more.

See a brief overview of some of the features available right out of the box below

- Create UNLIMITED products with a multitude of options, images, categories, extras, related accessories and more!
- Assign UNLIMITED categories per product
- Upload and associate UNLIMITED images per product (display an image gallery on product detail page with ease)
- Create an organize an UNLIMITED number of extra information sections per product. Allows you to easily organize additional product information such as detailed specs, white papers, disclaimers, support text. No more do you have to stuff all this information in a non-organized way into 1 description field.
- Associate, upload and organize UNLIMITED files per product. Easily store any file related to your product such as pdf manuals, support documents, warranty files, registration cards and more.
- Create UNLIMITED options per product, each product option may have its own unique pricing and weight value
- Create UNLIMITED special pricing per product
- Assign UNLIMITED discounts per product, including discount groups
- Setup UNLIMITED related accessories or items per product which can be displayed as up sell items on product detail page. Related items can be easily purchased with the main product all by one click on the product detail page.

Real Time Shipping Integration
- Real Time UPS OnLineĀ® Tools integration, including full support for multi-piece shipments and oversize package rating.
E-Commerce Enterprise 2.0 has been designed from the ground up to fully integrate the powerful suite of UPS OnLineĀ® Tools. Customers can track packages from within the application; validate addresses before label generation; offer levels of UPS service with rates; and provide transit times.
- Real Time United States Postal Service rates integration
- Real Time Fedex rates integration

- Create UNLIMITED Addresses per customer, each customer can easily access, add, update or remove any address setup for their account.
- Create Customer groups, allows for grouping of customers to take advantage of such powerful features such as customer group based discounts

- Create UNLIMITED categories
- Create UNLIMITED sub-categories, allows full creation of multi-level hierarchical categories
- Upload and assign images and multiple parameters to the image per category, including automatic recording of category image width and height dimensions

- Create UNLIMITED discounts for use throughout you store
- Create powerful discount groups. Allowing for "3 for $20" options for example, buy 4 items from a group and receive 20% off each item. UNLIMITED possibilities.
- Create Free Shipping discounts based upon multiple criteria including minimum order total, day of week, valid date range, valid shipping service type and more!
- Create discounts based on percentage off, dollar amount off or fixed reduced price
- Create discounts applicable to a particular customer group only, allows for multi-level pricing based on a customers group

Promo Codes / Coupons
- Create UNLIMITED promo codes for use in your store
- Assign multiple criteria and restrictions on your promo codes including date range, maximum number of uses per customer
- Create percent off or dollar value off promo codes based on minimum order total in addition to other configurable options.

Stock Codes
- Create UNLIMITED stock codes for your store, allows you to assign availability codes to your products such as "Usually ships same day" or "Item is currently backordered"

Payment Gateways
- Full integration of multiple real time payment gateways including, Linkpoint and Verisign PayFlow Pro

Payment Types
- Enable/Disable payment types such as Visa, Master Card, American Express and others
- Add additional payment methods
- Credit Card number and expiration date validation (supports all major credit card types)
- Assign validation rules to payment types, useful if you wish to have a Purchase Order or On Account payment type that does not require credit card number validation routines.

- Create UNLIMITED Affiliates
- Create UNLIMITED Affiliate Groups (allows for report based administration for affiliate groups)
- Full Affiliate reporting System
- Full Affiliate management system, Affiliate signup, Affiliate link creation

- Create UNLIMITED Taxes and Tax Codes allowing for comprehensive tax management
- Create global taxes as well as country based taxes

Orders / Shipment Management
- Full order administration capabilities, update customer shipping, billing address, order details, payment details and more
- Full shipment management, create multi-piece shipments and assign ordered products selectively to any box. Update the shipping selection and retrieve new rate for shipment, very useful if customer communicates they wish to upgrade their shipping selection for faster delivery.
- Full backorder management when orders are not shipped complete.
- Email notification of customer on order updates and status.

- Multiple reports available including order totals, top customers by order volume and order totals, shipping reports, tax reports and more

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